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Trong các công dụng chữa bệnh thần kỳ của gạo lứt thì khả năng chữa các ...


Are you looking for a natural, safe and effective method of purifying the body? Koshi's brown ...


More than forty years ago, Steve Demos borrowed $ 500 to develop the Silk Soymilk line and later sold it to WhiteWave. Silk has helped WhiteWave become the fastest growing company in the US beverage industry.

In June 2016, Coca Cola spent nearly $ 1 billion to buy Unilever's AdeS soy milk brand. The sales of milk powder in 2014 in Western Europe increased 5-fold, in North America increased 9-fold compared to 2009. According to Euromonitor, by 2015 sales of cow milk substitutes reached $ 21 billion, doubling Compared to 2009.
In the global trend, dairy products of Vietnamese origin also witnessed the introduction of soymilk and fruit milk brands in 1997 with the participation of large companies in the dairy industry. . The demand of consumers for this product on a higher and more strict requirements on the quality of products.
Most recently in March 2017, Elovi Vietnam Joint Stock Company launched the Brown Rice Milk Cheese, made from Dragon Rice and Koshihikari Japanese Rice. After nearly a month of launching, Koshi brown rice milk has been available in the northern and central provinces and targets the national target in 2017. In Hanoi, Koshi brown rice milk is well received and Become a trusted new choice for consumers. "I like the traditional flavor, aroma of roasted rice of Koshi. Brown rice is definitely good for the whole family" is the feeling of Ms. Le Hoa, a bank employee in Hoan Kiem. With the desire to bring more choices of plant-derived milk, after two lines of wholemeal rice milk and Atiso's current brown rice milk, Elovi Vietnam will introduce more lines of brown rice milk in the year. 2017.

Green health helps healthy people naturally will continue to become a new consumer trend. Société Générale, Warren Ackerman, an analyst at Société Générale, says there are many long-term opportunities for the development of dairy-derived dairy.

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